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    About Us

    Owned by a Local Artist

    Art "N Oddities is owned and run by local artist, Meri Berghauer. Meri has been participating in the Milwaukee Art Scene for over 40 years, with a background in  art education, and professional experience including teaching from grade school to college, illustrating children's books, wildlife fine art , product and graphic design.

    DaVinci is the Resident Critic

    DaVinci is the resident Bowzr and inspiration for a lot of fun! He is the most recent addition to a long line of terriers that have created smiles for the visitors to art and oddities. Those of you that are uncomfortable with dogs need not worry. DaVinci  greets you from his pen, with the best manners that any airedale has. 

    Opportunities to Learn

    Art 'N Oddities strives to be one of the most unusual studios you will find.  The studio was once a showroom for an Appliance store and still sports the Whirlpool signs out front, but below those signs are fun string art paintings.  Inside you find whimsy and color to feast your eyes and spirit. The no threat environment is great for creativity.


    Drawing Classes

    • Drawing Classes: four  roughly two hour classes.  In these classes students will explore the fundamentals of 2D and 3D, perspective, proportion, texture and a variety of subject mattter.  Supplies provided. 
    • Class cost: $95.00

    Acrylic Painting Classes

    • Acrylic Painting Classes: four two hour classes,  In these classes students will learn about color theory and painting techniques to produce  a composition. The student will also be introduced to a variety of brushes and  tools. Supplies are provided for the first set of four classes.
    • Class cost: $135.00

    Oil Painting Classes

    • Water Soluable Oil Painting Classes:  four two hour classes. Learn how to work with water soluable oil paint on canvas or gesso panels.  Each project is approached on an individual basis, allowing  the student to pursue their painting dreams. Supplies provide for the first four classes.
    • Class cost: $135.00

    Goblet Painting

    • Goblet Painting Classes: one two to two and a half hour class. Students will learn the no bake method for glass painting including a variety of techniques for painting on any glassware. In class, students will work on two goblets.
    • Class cost: $30.00

    Pastel Painting

    • Pastel Painting Classes: four two hour classes. Students will experience the joy of painting with pastels. It's like regular painting, but better. You can use your fingers! First pastel painting, paper and limited color of pastel supplied.
    • Class cost: $135.00

    Furniture Painting

    • Furniture Painting Classes: classes will total 9 hours and split according to what dry time is needed for the project.  Students will provide the furniture piece and be instructed on surface prep. Designing and provided paint and finish coat provided during class sessions.
    • Class cost: $130.00

    Faux Mosaic Mirrors

    • Here's a perfect Gift Idea!  10-inch square mirror frame and mirror, perfect for a Faux Mosaic project. You can go green by using old magazine photos, photographs and specialty papers. Great results, you just need a little patience.  Class run about 2-3 hours long depending on the artist. All supplies provided, unless you want to use some personal images.
    • Class cost: $30.00

    Faux Mosaic Frames

    • A new addition to the Faux Mosaic family, the Faux Mosaic Frames. You will be working on a 6"X 9" frame that will hold a 4" X 6" photo.  If you would like, it can be designed to house a specific photo in that size. The class runs about 2 hours long. All supplies are provided except the inserted photo.
    • Class cost $25.00

    Polymer Clay Jewelry

    • Learn to use polymer clay to create quirky aquatic friends or elegant orchids. The class provides instruction on different methods of polymer clay construction as well as methods of mixed media with the clay.  Class runs approximately 2-2.5 hours depending on baking time for each individual piece.
    • Class cost: $65.00

    Dinnerware to Sculpture

    • For those that have always admired glass sculpture here's your chance! With today's modern invention of plastic dinnerware and special markers you can learn to make exciting "glass looking" sculptures.  The class will provide design instruction and all materials. Class runs about 3 hours long with all materials provided.
    • Class Cost $55.00

    Creative Canvas

    • This class is offered as a social painting experience.  Paintings are generally done on a 16" X 20" stretched canvas. The entire class works on the same subject matter allowing the students to adapt their own style to the different techniques taught.
    •  These classes are great for team building or private parties.
    • Class Cost $40.00 per student

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