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    Cone Flower

    The Haunted Graveyard

    Not Wisconsin

    Winter Woods

    Summer Breeze

    Let It Snow!

    More Choices

    Winter Moon

    Queen Ann's Lace

    Haunted House

    A Little Please!

    Bittersweet and Cardinal

    The Spooky Tree!

    Just a Few More

    Cone Flowers and Fence

    Autumn Birch

    A Snoman's Starry Night!

    Creative Canvas Classes are set up as an 

    "On Demand Class"

    that means that you call and we set up a time for you that works for both you or your group and the studio.  These sessions do not have to fit into the regular studio hours.

    Creative Canvas Classes can be for two to twelve people.  If you would like the session to be a part of a celebration or team building experience, let us know ahead of time and you can bring in refreshments for your group.

    CALL NOW!  414-329-2788