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    Gesture and Contour Drawing

    Lesson One of Four

    • Students will start with the basics of drawing.  Gesture drawing to quickly capture an image and loosen up.  Contour and Blind Contour drawing for control and more precision.

    One and Two Point Perspective

    Lesson Two of Four

    • Students will learn basic one point perspective(as if you are looking down a railroad track into the distance), and Two point perspective(as if you were standing in the center of an intersection able to look down 2 street).

    Still Life Drawing

    Lesson Three of Four

    • Students learn size relationships and how to scale a drawing to fit a page. They learn to translate images into appropriate size relationships.

    Pastel Drawing

    Lesson Four of Four 

    • Students learn how to draw using charcoal and/or pastel. This  classes offers the student a brief opportunity to explore new drawing materials and techniques. They also get a brief introduction to color theory.